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Virtual Treasure Hunt - CeBIT PUSH Magazine Interview

An interview with Christiane Hering, managing director at the Center for Geoinformation (CFGI).

Everyone benefits from geoinformation. Farmers can determine which soil needs to be fertilized. Truck drivers can find the right delivery address. The Public Works Administration can locate the district heating pipelines. A tourist can find the local theater. Everyone will find what they are looking for with a decent map. It works even better if the map contains relevant information.

The Galileo satellites are just being launched, everyone uses Google Maps and only the real die-hards still travel without GPS or other travel planners.  What is particularly important about geoinformation systems this year?

Hering: 2010 is going to see some really extensive changes in the application of geoinformation systems. Topographical maps with extra information are nothing new per se. The interesting thing about them now is their improved bandwidth capacity, which allows them to load maps onto computers or mobile devices at a much faster rate. In the past, around 80 percent of all geoinformation system users were public administrators. Now more and more users belong to the private sector.

>> Read the complete interview with Hering at CeBIT.de.


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