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On-Ramp Wireless and NURI Telecom Team to Provide Connectivity for the Next-Generation Smart Grid

Solution Will Target Elusive Hard-to-Reach Meters, Resulting in 100 Percent Connectivity, Saving Energy and Costs

SAN DIEGO --(Business Wire)-- Mar 09, 2010

On-Ramp Wireless today announced that it has joined forces with NURI Telecom, a leading global provider of utility IT and end-to-end Smart Grid infrastructure solutions, to develop a cost-efficient single technology wireless network metering solution. The solution will enable connectivity for hard-to-reach meters, which can represent up to 10 percent of a single Smart Grid meter deployment, to help Smart Grid suppliers ensure 100 percent connectivity.

Presently, there is no cost effective method for connecting to hard-to-reach meters. More problematically, the issue becomes apparent only after live deployment. On-Ramp’s Ultra-Link Processing™ (ULP) system alleviates these costs for providers, and ultimately consumers, as it is the first system to demodulate signals below the noise floor while effectively maintaining high network capacity. Overall, the ULP system provides a significant network coverage and capacity advantage compared with competing free-spectrum systems.

“The hard-to-reach meter is one of the biggest challenges for providers in achieving a complete communication system within the Smart Grid,” said Mr. Choong Seon Hwang, vice president of engineering for NURI Telecom. “On-Ramp’s ULP technology has clearly demonstrated wireless connectivity in some of the most challenging environments. It has connected successfully in underground locations, many floors above the target and several kilometers away, which is simply impossible with any other single technology available today.”

NURI Telecom has pursued the Smart Grid comprehensively in hopes of powering its future growth and ultimately increasing energy efficiency. Its smart metering solution, AiMiR™, provides simultaneous automatic meter readings of electricity, water, gas and other measurements, to help consumers manage their resource consumption.

“NURI Telecom has demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of the extensive connectivity needs for the Smart Grid and for smart metering,” said Jeff Gray, senior vice president of sales and marketing for On-Ramp Wireless. “Furthermore, we have been exceptionally impressed with the advanced system and environment solutions NURI Telecom offers, particularly in regards to its network management system solutions, which promote an extremely cost efficient, consumer-friendly business model.”

On-Ramp and NURI Telecom will be showcasing integration of the ULP technology with a NURI Smart Meter solution at DistribuTECH from March 23-25 in Tampa, Florida.


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