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Nav n' Go debuts iGO Primo at CeBIT; remains optimistic about the PND market

Nav n' Go, which supplies navigation software to PND vendors including Motorola and Magellan, is optimistic about the personal navigation device market and its ability to compete with new market entrants like Google.

The company launched iGO Primo at CeBIT today, which adds over 30 new features and hundreds of enhancements to the iGO My way engine.

"We are pretty optimistic still about the PND space, that it's growing, it's going to become more and more popular in several developing markets which we keep an eye on," Director of Product Marketing Zoltan Szilagyi told GPS Business News' Ludovic Privat. "And we do think that the wireless turbulence, ... obviously with the Nokia announcement that everybody here at CeBIT is asking what do we think about that, is raising the awareness of navigation, and is going to play in the favor of companies like us, where we can really deliver our core technology to lots of different devices."

Szilagyi continued, "Basically, we want to position ourself as a leading provider of embedded navigation devices, for the wireless space, for the automotive space, and obviously for the personal navigation, the PND space. "

The video interview can be found here.


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